Chepang on tour: video

The “immigrindcore” band Chepang did a weekend tour with Bandit at the end of December, playing Philadelphia, Richmond, and Baltimore, and we have a piece of video of Chepang ringing in the new year at the Sidebar in Baltimore.

Chepang’s latest is the album Dadhelo – A Tale of Wildfire, out now on Nerve Altar.

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One Reply to “Chepang on tour: video”

  1. 1st band of the planet that have got 2 Drummers play together at show (at 1.00 sec.).

    New Comer and the fastest rising band of the world in the history, and craziest Grind Hardcore attack.

    Lady, gentleman, and homo.

    Asian Grindcore rule !
    From holy and devastated land, Chapang.

    Regards from Thailand based underrated Crust Grindcore band, Failure Trace.

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