Billy Bragg performs on Democracy Now! for his new book “The Three Dimensions Of Freedom”

D.U. hasn’t posted about Billy Bragg, the British leftist musician and author and activist, in years, so it’s about time to do so again. Bragg was on Democracy Now! for the second time recently, in this case to promote his new book, The Three Dimensions Of Freedom.

While he was there, he played a few songs:

  • In the below video, jump to 22:42 to hear the introduction to “Why We Build The Wall.”
  • Skip a bit to 31:30 to see the long introduction (37:21 for the short introduction) for “King Tide And The Sunny Day Flood.”
  • At 41:51 Bragg introduces “Waiting For The Great Leap Forward.”


Democracy Now! has a lot of musical performances
– Billy Bragg put out the album Tooth And Nail
Photos from Bragg’s talk on his book Roots, Radicals and Rockers


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