Billy Bragg to release new album “Tooth & Nail”

“Who is Billy Bragg and why should I care?” you ask. Reasonable questions, especially at a blog that’s 90% death metal and grindcore. Well, at D.U. we appreciate some politics in our music, and Bragg has that to spare. He’s not only been politically active for decades, walking the talk, but he’s also has been recording and performing that long. He’s folk, he’s rock, he’s punk, and he’s good at all of it. Besides, we can’t have everything on 11 all the time, right?

The new album Tooth & Nail comes out on March 15, and his promo video about it is below.

There’s an informative interview with Bragg at from 2011 about his music and political activities, and he brought his guitar along and did a few numbers.


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