Behold… The Arctopus is back with “Hapeleptic Overtrove”

Producer and player in many bands (Krallice, Dysrhythmia, Gorguts, the list goes on) Colin Marston shared the new Behold… The Arctopus album Hapeleptic Overtrove with us. It’s “different,” he warned in an understatement.

“Quithtion” kicks off the record (all of the band’s music is instrumental), and with it announces, “Fasten your seatbelts. It’s going to be a bumpy night.” It’s not a metal record, although one can tell that musicians that play metal wrote it. The drums don’t follow any kind of rock format and act as percussion instead. Each song sticks with kind of an idea or a theme except for the track “Other Realms (Instrumental)” that blends into “Perverse. Esoteric. Different.”

D.U. hasn’t had the pleasure of hearing every Behold… The Artopus record, but we can say that Hapeleptic Overtrove is the best one that we’ve heard. As with the band Public Image Ltd., Behold… The Arctopus is daring you to like it. And the record is daring.

See for yourself if it’s up your alley. The track “Forgotten Explanations” has premiered over at MetalSucks, and Willowtip has posted another track, “Blessing in Disgust”:

Hapeleptic Overtrove is up for preorder from Willowtip (on Bandcamp and limited to 300 on LP), and from P2 on CD. It comes out Jun 12, 2020.

Related: We’ve interviewed Marston a couple of times, once for his band Krallice, and again for Gorguts. We also talked about Behold… the Arctopus once before.

Photo: courtesy Behold… The Arctopus


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