Krallice recording for a split: interview with Colin Marston

The American black metal band Krallice spent a week in the studio in July, and one of the guitarists, Colin Marston (also of Behold … The Arctopus, Gorguts and Dysrhythmia fame), took some time out of his busy schedule playing and recording to give D.U. the lowdown via email.

The split was originally to be with Blut Aus Nord, but Vindsval (“the mastermind behind BAN,” says Colin) has been putting out so many releases under that name that he decided that the split should be with a new project he’s staring, called Vjeshitza. Debemur Morti, who has released all the BAN albums over the last three years, will most likely be the label. “That’s the plan, anyway,” Colin says.

As for what Krallice fans can expect from their side of the split, Colin explains that “all three songs we are recording are shorter than usual for us and perhaps display more diversity. One of the Mick [Barr, guitar]-initiated songs is potentially our busiest, ‘progiest’ song yet, whereas his other song is our most restrained and simple piece.” Both of Barr’s songs were written a couple years ago, and Krallice has been developing the arrangements together for some time, changing details as they go along, Colin says.

“My song for this recording is part three of a loose series begun on Diotima—’Litany of Regrets’ being part one and ‘Telluric Rings’ being part two. It’s on the dronier, more meditative side, but features very active bass parts. We should end up with a pretty compelling small collection of songs, and then … who knows!?”

One thing we do know is that the band will be promoting this new recording with a tour. Krallice has been playing fewer and fewer shows as time passes. The last trip the band took that could have been called a tour was over two years ago. Colin says that it’s been so long since they’ve written any new songs that he thinks that will be their focus after finishing the split. He says, “It’s been so refreshing to have a band where shows and touring are the lowest priorities.”

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