Asphalt Graves and “The New Primitive”

Our loyal readers might recall an interview with Asphalt Graves that we ran about a year ago. At the time, the supergroup death grind band was finishing off its debut album, and it didn’t even have a presence online.

Now, pre-orders for that record, titled The New Primitive, are up at Vitriol Records, and the band has a Facebook page.

Judging by the three songs that have premiered online—“No Feast (Without Cruelty)” at Invisible Oranges, “Who Do You Serve?” at Stereogum, and “Angst and Praise” at MetalSucks—we’ll agree with Vitriol’s assessment: “This record rips.”

Check it out for your damn self. The album comes out on CD and LP on July 8.

Asphalt Graves_The-New-Primitive_poster



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