Virginia Creep: live video of new band from Pig Destroyer’s J.R. Hayes

Regular visitors to D.U., as well as grindcore fans, will recognize J.R. Hayes as our occasional columnist and the vocalist of Pig Destroyer. J.R. is also the vocalist of a brand-spanking-new band called Virginia Creep.

Christopher Wright, the bass player of Tideland (a band we’ve written about more than once), plays in Virginia Creep as well, along with Aaron Mason on guitar and Ben Tufts on drums.

Virginia Creep played its first show over the weekend and we’ve got a clip below.

At the show, while J.R. was on one of several smoke breaks, he gave us the lowdown on the band’s release plans: a three-song debut recording is being mixed and artwork is being sorted out, and J.R. predicts that the band will post it on Bandcamp in the coming weeks.

For updates, watch the band’s Facebook page.



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