Unleashed post new videos for “Dawn of the Nine”

Unleashed, the self-styled chief vikings of Swedish death metal, has a new album coming out called Dawn of the Nine and a new lyric video of one of the songs, below. The video’s got a few snippets of reviews of the record thrown in.

Bandleader Johnny Hedlund released an explanation of the lyrical concept, saying it continues with “the story about the World of Odalheim. In the aftermath of the great battle at Uppsala fields and after some time has passed, the Battalions of the World hunt down White Christ to challenge him personally. Needless to say he needs to be faced with the atrocities he is responsible for. But just like most cowards it seems that he fled to higher ground. The Hammer Battalions are ready, waiting eagerly … Where is your god now?”

The band’s label, Nuclear Blast, took it a step further and put together videos called “The Meaning Behind The Songs,” featuring excerpts from the album and brief text explanations of the lyrics from Hedlund.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

The record comes out on April 20th in the E.U., April 27th in the U.K., May 5th in North America. Nuclear Blast is taking pre-orders.

Photo courtesy Nuclear Blast



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