Unholy Grave drummer passes away

Unholy Grave, the longstanding Japanese grindcore band, announced this sad news on their Facebook page on January 19:

Tonight,UG drummer “HEE-CHUNG”(HIRONORI SUZUKI) passed away….
We are deeply sorry to hear about the death of our brother….
We will never forget your smile,passion,and your spiritual DRUMMING !!
Thank you for being UG drummer,Hee-Chung !!
It was an honor to play with one of the greatest blast-drummer.
Your fighting spirit will always stay with us…forever !!

Perhaps providing some details on Hee-Chung’s condition leading up to his death, in August of 2014 the band posted:

UG drummer HEE-CHUNG is still in HOSPITAL.
We wish you well !!
Beat the CANCER !!BLAST the DISEASE !!
We know you can do it.
Love & Respect from all UG members

Following that, in November of 2014 the band posted:

We wish you all the best,brother !
We deeply hope you keep having enough strength agaist disease !
Fight,Hee-Chung !! Never SURRENDER !!

Some background on Unholy Grave: the band has put out a ton of releases over the years (even a split 7″ with an old band of your editor’s), in addition to touring internationally and gigging in their home country. Unholy Grave refers to itself as a “raw” grindcore band, and has been consistent with maintaining that sound and its black and white style artwork that adorns its records.

The latest activity from the band has been an upcoming split 7″ with Butcher ABC, and a gig in Nagoya, Japan with notables Corrupted and many others in December 2014.

Image: Unholy Grave’s Facebook



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