The “Ask Earache” blog does some answering

Earache, the pioneering metal label from the U.K., maintains a long-running blogspot called “Ask Earache” that’s worth some browsing time.

It addresses reader questions ranging from “Why does Earache SUCK NOW!” to the story behind Earache’s offices being raided by the cops; from how to get signed to a label (there’s several posts on the subject) to the hairstyle of Jeff Walker from Carcass; and most recently what appears to be a lengthy excerpt from the Earache history book Adapt Or Die: 30 Shades Of Noise. (Ordering information for the book is conspicuously absent online.)

Many of the other blog entries address questions about Earache releases, reissues, and DVDs, and the music business. There’s a lot to dig through: label manager Dan Tobin and founder Digby Pearson have been posting here on and off since 2005.


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