Science-themed band The Amoeba People has a podcast

The Amoeba People is a sort of a tongue-in-cheek rock band with lyrics, artwork, and song titles built around Earth and space science and humor. The band might come off as a little They Might Be Giants-y but does have a fun, diverse rock edge.

The band has been releasing albums and singles for years and in 2019 started a podcast where the singer/guitarist talks about The Amoeba People’s music and ties it in with a science expert. The podcast’s slogan “Where science and music collide!” is perfect for D.U.’s Science + Music content.

The host, The Amoeba People’s Ray Hedgpeth, has had on an oceanic cartographer, paleontologists, a volcanologist, and a planetary geologist, among other experts. Check out the podcast and get rocking.


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