S-Explode “3songs” review + live photos

D.U. previously reported on S-Explode from Japan doing a U.S. tour, which is happening as of this writing. We saw them play the first show in a basement in Leesburg, VA, just hours after they had arrived in the States. They tore it up, and photos are below.

S-Explode was selling a cassette called 3songs, subtitled 2013 US tour limited, and it’s a short burst of their music. Not as raw as some of their older material that you can hear at their Myspace page, and not as energetic as their live set (where one can witness the singer’s unique performance, which is like Mick Jagger on crack), but more polished while still representative of what they’re about. Imagine some of The Melvins’ older material where they would get locked into a riff and play around with it for a while, and add obvious jazz playing skills; atonal guitar riffing with crispy effects; groove and mood shifts to spare, from loud to understated; and crazed vocals, and that’s something like what S-Explode does here. There’s also a Damage Manual sound present, reminiscent of some of their Limited Edition album.

The tape is highly recommended. Maybe if we put some pressure on the band, they’ll let this thing get a wider release.



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