Repulsion walks to the beat of a different drummer: interview with Chris Moore

Repulsion is one of the O.G. grindcore bands. Their first album, Horrified, came out in 1989, released by a couple of guys in Carcass on their imprint label. In 1991 Relapse put out the Excruciation 7”, and, classic album that it is, Horrified has been reissued a few times. Many bedrock grindcore and death metal bands cite Repulsion as a trailblazer of grindcore music.

Still playing festivals like Maryland Deathfest and many others in the U.S. and around the world, Repulsion’s latest festival appearances are in Europe in August. The drummer, Col Jones, realized he couldn’t make the gigs, and as he’s a big Coke Bust fan, he reached out to their drummer, Chris Moore, to fill in.

“I thought he was joking, but he wasn’t,” Moore said. We talked to him out in front of the Rock and Roll Hotel in Washington D.C., where he came to watch Iron Lung play and hand out flyers for local shows he set up. He’s been rehearsing the Repulsion set list on his own with his iPod to get ready for the festival gigs, putting in more time in the practice room for them than he has for any other project. We’ll go so far as to say he’s practicing his ass off. “100 percent, yeah,” Moore agreed.

When he meets up with Repulsion, they’ll rehearse together for five days to prepare for the three gigs. “I guess it helps that I’ve been listening to these songs since I’ve been in high school,” he said. “It also helps that they’ve been a huge influence on me and my drumming.”

He admitted that he’s nervous about the whole thing. “Big time,” he said. “It’s cool—but nerve-racking.”

Repulsion’s tour dates:
August 8 @ Party.San Metal Open Air, Obermehler, Germany
August 9 @ Brutal Assault 19, Jaromer-Josefov, Czech Republic
August 10 @ Ieper Hard Core Fest, Ieper, Belgium


– We last spoke to Moore, about his ex-band Magrudergrind, on page 2 of archive zine issue #43.
– And speaking of Repulsion being old school, here’s pics of them from 1990 and from 2004 at our Tumblr.


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