Räjäyttäjät “Awopbopaloopop Alopbam RÄJÄ!” review

The Finnish band name and album name will be mouthfuls for English speakers, but the music is easily digestible. It’s dirty, obnoxious, sloppy and glorious old-school rock ‘n’ roll from the garage, and it’s a ton of fun. The band has traditional rock ‘n’ roll influences in a big way, but puts its footprint all over the music, and in Finland we suspect the band sounds Finnish.

Awopbopaloopop Alopbam RÄJÄ! is a quick album with a lot of variety. The production sounds like it’s straight from the garage too, but totally fits what these Finns are going for. It sounds like the band had a blast recording it. The cover art communicates what the record is going to sound like.

Waste no time picking up this record from Ektro Records starting on August 30!


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