Passing Phases “Endless Autumn” review and live pics

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Endless Autumn is the new LP that shows how talented these Virginia boys are as players and composers. Normally at D.U. when we are going to review a record, we first ask, “Well, are there any blast beats on it?” There aren’t in this case, but that’s OK. Basically Endless Autumn showcases some of their various and major influences, all wrapped up neatly: Dinosaur Jr., surf rock, a bit of Sonic Youth. There’s guys from Pygmy Lush and Tideland in the group, so this might not be surprising to their fans.

It’s an awesome record, full of catchy hooks, sing along choruses, a lot of clean and textured guitar work, and lyrics with some recurring themes, like jumping in the car and driving off somewhere to get away, or that this relationship is difficult to deal with, or how things have been generally shitty lately.

Bassist Jon Hand tells D.U. that the band is heading into the studio in January 2013 to record five songs, possibly for an EP. Endless Autumn hasn’t even been out that long, so the boys are keeping busy.

Order from Cricket Cemetery

Below are some pictures from a record store show in Virginia in 2012.

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passing phases 3_425
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