Oldskull predicts “The Defeat of Humanity”

France has another band export in the form of Oldskull. The band’s cassette The Defeat of Humanity is a hard-hitting, old-school death metal feast of killer riffs.

The songs are dynamic and good for headbanging. The first track, “Pandemic Prophecy,” fades out in a cool way, and not to be outdone, the title track comes out swinging next with a layered, memorable riff. “Spare No One” should start a pit in any living room or venue. And on it goes, with satisfying directions and hardly a dull moment throughout the well-executed six songs.

I recommend picking up this EP (they call it an EP, but it’s long enough to be a full-length) on tape or digitally from Nihilistic Holocaust at Bandcamp. It’s out now, and move quickly if you like the physical format—it’s limited to 150.

Photos: Oldskull


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