Newsletter from Disposable Underground for September 23, 2020

Welcome back to the newsletter. Below are some things I’ve been checking out lately, and what’s new at the blog. Enjoy!

Godflesh is a sort of industrial band I’ve written about more than once because I like it so much. I interviewed the guys in 1991 for Deathcheese ‘zine and re-ran it in my ‘zine years later. Here it is for your reading pleasure: an interview with G. Christian Green and Paul Neville, dug out from the archives.

Lavalette, a pop artist, did a Cro-Mags cover years ago which is pretty amazing and an interesting interpretation. 

Mastodon is a band that used to play extreme metal and has become rock but also huge through hard touring. Another one from the archives: I interviewed the band back in 2001 for my ‘zine. 

The most popular posts on my blog according to Google data are about Pete Sandoval (formerly of Morbid Angel), Bolt Thrower, Discordance Axis, and Carcass. 

Facebook has annoyed lots of bands by changing its policy about livestreaming music on its platform. Ghost Cult Mag has the details

Vinyl record collection

Vinyl has outsold CDs for the first time since the ’80s, which isn’t surprising. Metal Injection has the story.

The Corroseum website is hosting an exhaustive archive of heavy metal ‘zines. Have a browse.

Save Our Post Office was the theme of rallies in support of local post offices organized by Lots of bands, labels, and distros rely on the USPS. Here’s photos I snapped at a rally in Virginia.

Recommended listening:
Speciation by Faceless Burial, an Australian death metal band.

Dropdead by the longstanding hardcore punk band of the same name. This new self-titled album is up for preorder. 

C Trip A, a duo featuring a metal guy and a hip hop guy. Ozzy Nights is an interesting mix. 


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