New environment-themed art ‘zine “Toll” from Jonathan Canady now available

If the names Dead World, Deathpile, or Jonathan Canady mean anything to you, you might be into industrial and noise. The first two were Canady’s projects, but he’s been creating art, performing, and releasing music under his own name for a while.

Now he has Toll, a ‘zine of “gripping sketch-color portraits of assassinated environmental activists,” his distributor wrote, “a necessary reminder of how entrenched those fighting for justice really are—they are the frontline of an ongoing conflict between indigenous populations and corporate interest.”

In his description of the work, Canady wrote in part, “If we don’t bother to notice the death of the people who try to preserve the environment, how are we going to do anything about the death of our planet?”

Toll is limited to 30 copies at No Mames Distro, so act fast. While you’re at it, head over to Anomalous Cinema for Canady’s “weird and wonderful” movie recommendations. Some of Canady’s musical output is on Bandcamp.

Image: Canady’s website; Photo: No Mames Distro


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