NASA got a little help with OSIRIS-REx from Brian May of Queen

OSIRIS-REx robotic arm on the Bennu asteroid

Dr. Brian May, the guitarist of Queen, has teamed up with NASA more than once, and this year did it again with the OSIRIS-REx sample-return mission.

NASA sent a probe to the Bennu asteroid to collect a sample and shoot the sample back to Earth, María Luisa Paúl wrote with more detail for The Washington Post. In short, the mission’s leader pulled Dr. May in to help find a good landing site for the probe on the asteroid. Dr. May obliged using his expertise with stereoscopic imagery, and in the end the mission was a success.

Dr. May posted a video in September about the mission:

Read more about Dr. Brian May’s work with NASA here at the blog.

Photos: NASA/Goddard/University of Arizona


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