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I listened to the first album by Light Pupil Dilate again, and was reminded why I still have it in my collection. I reviewed that album, Cascades, favorably back in 2005 (see below). I think I first got my hands on the record because my band played with Light Pupil Dilate back then—I think.

In any case, it’s up on Apple Music:

Here’s my review of the record from D.U. issue #34:

Light Pupil Dilate Cascades
A very impressive debut full length CD. The band piles on the riffs and throws them start-stop and streaming at you like punches in the face. The drums kick you when you’re down. The vocals are dynamic and strong. The
songs cover plenty of territory, feature memorable sections that want you to go back and listen to them again even before the record’s over, and each musician plays his part to make the songs work. There are no slackers here that simply “hold it down.” Light Pupil Dilate also effectively creates atmosphere, whether with soundscapes or with different parts of their songs. Some of the tunes have something that’s a little hard to pin down, sort of a post hardcore feel, while still having an edge. Even the packaging has lots of taste. You could do a lot worse than getting in touch with these Atlantans and ordering their record.

Light Pupil Dilate "Cascades" CD

There’s a few links about the band on its long-abandoned Facebook page.

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Band photo: from the old Light Pupil Dilate website.


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