Listen to a Suppression song premiere as they and Shitstorm prepare to tour East Asia

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Two bands that cause a ruckus whenever they play are Suppression and Shitstorm, and they’re teaming up for a tour of Japan and South Korea—dates and tour posters are below. Both of these bands are extreme but have personality. Let’s talk about each group for a minute and then listen to an exclusive Suppression track.


Nolan (of Genocide Pact and Disciples Of Christ fame) is the live bass player for the grindcore band Shitstorm, and as he was running errands in preparation for the tour, I grabbed a lightning-fast hangout with him and asked for his thoughts on his upcoming trip.

“I’m fuckin’ stoked,” he said. “Pretty legendary. Can’t really imagine a situation I’d be more excited about for playing grindcore in Japan [and South Korea].”


Jason Hodges (one half of Suppression) said over Messenger, “I’m very excited! But also stressed getting everything together.” He was still assembling merch and had yet to pack for the tour when we talked, but it sounds like he’s ready to perform. “Our set list is going to include lots of new stuff but also stuff from our early years as well.”

Suppression will be promoting their upcoming album Spiritual Sepsis on the road, to be released on To Live A Lie on May 10, 2024. The label got some copies of the LP to Suppression “just in time to bring along” for the tour, Jason said.

Listen to an excusive track from the album, “Wraith Wraith,” below.

This the sort of proper, manic, head-spinning song that Suppression delivers regularly. As a taster for the album, it makes Spiritual Sepsis sound like it’ll be a wild ride.

Suppression and Shitstorm 2024 tour dates

April 8, Fukuoka at Public Space
April 9, Hiroshima at Club Conquest
April 10, Okayama at Pepperland
April 11, Osaka at Club Stomp
April 12, Tokyo at Bush Bash
April 13, Tokyo at Ochiai Soup
April 13, Yokohama at El Puente
April 14, Yokohama at El Puente
South Korea
April 19, Seoul at Club Sharp
April 20, Seoul at Seendosi

Suppression Shitstorm tour poster
Suppression Shitstorm tour poster

Read more about Suppression here at the blog.


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