Killing Joke “Live at Hammersmith Apollo” review

Recorded in 2010 while the band was on one of its tours promoting their new studio album with the original lineup, the three CDs of Live at Hammersmith Apollo rely heavily on new material, while also pulling tracks from the first album (1980—the mind boggles) mostly, and a few others here and there. There’s some electric song intros from the singer.

There’s no worry about Killing Joke employing a vocal tuner in their advanced age on this album. To borrow a phrase from an old Testament interview in D.U., this is fuckin’ pure live. Singer Jaz Coleman it seems is out of key with the band more often than not. The mix isn’t consistent throughout the recording either, sometimes with quite unpleasant results. Killing Joke has so many live albums (some unofficial) that it’s hard to say how this stacks up, but it can’t be their strongest work in the category.

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    • Thank you for playing this. KJ’s been a favirote of mine since I was a kid, as well. The influence of these guys on both popular and underground music is truly immense.

      • Seen KJ on couple occasions and must say that this Apr 22 show in Hammersmith was the worst sounding show I heard. Total mess, maybe the seating places had better sound, but stalls…. Terrible.
        Could be the venue as well…

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