Kaiju Daisenso: Japanese monsters + powerviolence

kaiju daisenso_textKaiju Daisenso (not to be confused with Hayaino Daisuki) is a supergroup, but not the Velvet Revolver or Rockstar Supernova type. No, this one is from the underground—the powerviolence scene—and features members of Unearthly Trance, The Communion and other bands.

A view into the band’s sound comes from the list of band members on Kaiju Daisenso’s Bandcamp page. Taking out the member names and only keeping what’s played, the list looks like this:

– Vocals, sampling, noise
– Guitars, sampling, vocals, programming, noise
– Bass, sampling
– Drums

That makes the band sound harsh, and it is, but there’s also a sense of humor with its embrace of Asian monster movie references. The band’s 7” record came out last year, but it’s still available in physical form (featuring a download code) and digital. Check it out!


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