New Opeth album “Sorceress”: watch lyric videos and studio reports

With the new Opeth album, Sorceress, the band continues on the path it started down two records ago: full-on prog rock. The record two releases ago, Heritage, was a dividing line in Opeth’s catalog, where the band dropped the mix of prog rock and death metal with which Opeth defined itself.

Lyric video for “Sorceress”

No changes with Sorceress. There’s a wide mix of styles within prog, a lot mellow, some more energetic, and some undoubtedly familiar to longtime Opeth fans, and especially new jacks that got on board with Heritage.

Lyric video for “Will O The Wisp”

It could be argued that Sorceress has less of a unified direction than the last two albums. It’s still got great playing and singing, ambitious songwriting, and again, that distinctive Opeth stamp, but the band perhaps didn’t top the last album, Pale Communion.

Of course you don’t have to listen to D.U.—here’s another lyric video so readers can make up their own minds: The Wilde Flowers”

In any case it’s coming out September 30 on CD, LP, digital, on Moderbolget Records and Nuclear Blast. There’s a box set for the die-hards. And if fans are wondering how it went recording Sorceress, Opeth has you covered with a fistful of studio reports:

Episode 1 – Studio tour

Episode 2 – Guitar

Episode 3 – Drums

Episode 4 – Bass

Episode 5 – Vocals

Episode 6 – Guitar

Episode 7 – Lyrics

Episode 8 – Keyboards

Episode 9 – The Producer

Episode 10 – Recordings Complete



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