Helpful tips for musicians in the COVID-19 era

We’ve all seen working musicians and independent record labels trying to make ends meet during the pandemic, whether it’s asking fans to buy merch (especially when Bandcamp waives its fees), or doing live streams from home, or participating in virtual music festivals. Of course, lately bands and labels have been encouraging donations to organizations around the Black Lives Matter movement, such as by way of auctions for test pressings.

Over at CD Baby, there’s some helpful posts for musicians in the DIY Musician section of the site, everything from Kevin Breuner explaining how to do a “live Zoom” call-type performance to Chris Robley linking to resources like live video tips, how to show fans ways of supporting their favorite working bands, and lots more.

Are there other sites or organizations you’d recommend for musicians hard hit during the pandemic, a big one like MusiCares or a smaller one? Feel free to link to them in the comments.

Images: CD Baby



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