Get bummed out and love it with the new Great Falls album

Great Falls band photo

Objects Without Pain by Great Falls is not a fun album. The lyrics form a concept and they are not a happy read, nor the songs an uplifting listen. But Great Falls is a brutal noise rock band, and whether you want to wallow in this break-up album or smash your fist and grit your teeth to this break-up album, you can do both or either here.

Great Falls has shared one of the tracks, the mid-album “Old Words Worn Thin”:

And another track, “Trap Feeding”:

The songs on the album mostly seem a little long for noise rock, but the Great Falls boys are going for atmosphere along with the brutality and distortion on this monster of a record, so that’s cool.

I’ve done my fair share of suffering from depression and listening to Disintegration and The End of Silence and MCMXC a.D. and I don’t want to go back, so I’m enjoying Objects Without Pain for its noise-rock-sludge-cacophony. Having said that, the lyrics present themselves like stark poetry if you read through them without following along with the record; they function on more than one level.

Neurot Recordings is releasing this puppy on September 15, 2023 and it sounds like an album that Neurot would put out. Objects Without Pain is up for preorder on 2xLP, CD, and digital.

The band is hitting the road in support of the album, too. The tour date flyer is below.

Great Falls Northeast Tour flyer

Photos: Soren Hixenbaugh


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