Geld is gonna let you have it with “Currency//Castration”

“Why begin when there’s never an end?” the band Geld asks on its new album Currency//Castration. “It’s plain to see that we’re fucked,” the group observes on a different track on the record. That’s the tone of the third full-length release from this Australian band. It’s mostly fast and raw and obnoxious, and it’s got some hardcore rock moments, too.

Geld has several music videos to give us a sense of the record:

“Fog of War”

“The Fix is In”


“Secret Prison”

And the whole album is up on YouTube for our listening pleasure:

Currency//Castration is out now on Relapse Records. You can get it on CD, LP, and cassette, and it’s also available on Bandcamp.

Photo: Relapse


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