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Originally published in ‘zine issue #10, 1994

Support the Scene!!!

by King Fowley 

Support the scene! A slogan we all have seen and heard all over flyers, club PAs, and everything else the last couple of years. But what the hell does it mean? Does anyone really know? I have always meant it to be “keep in touch” and “see ya next time,” you know, kinda like the old “one hand washes the other” saying. Well, it seems for quite a while now that the “scene” has taken a back seat to shit talking, fake friends, and above all a lack of interest among the once mighty legions. It’s a fucking shame how everyone has divided into certain “groups” and badmouthed the others.

Why has this happened? Sure, we all have our disagreements and bands we personally don’t agree on, and as for shit talking, if I had to write every person or band that I personally (for whatever reason) badmouthed on a piece of paper, Paper Mate pens would be out of stock everywhere. We all get upset at one time or another and say things that conquer the moment, but to me there’s a huge difference [between] seeing through a “fake,” obvious here-today-gone-tomorrow person or band [and] running your mouth to run it. I guess in the end we will all see who was in it for the moment and who was in it forever.

There’s other problems in the scene too: the classic line among bands, “We will play anywhere, anytime, just set it up,” yet when it is set up, it’s “This place again!” Ticket prices seem to be a big hassle nowadays too. On those occasions when it’s a couple dollars more than usual, like, say $7 or $8 because a couple of out-of-state bands need to get gas, food, and hotel money, be cool and understand the situation.

I just wish we could get back to into the groove of the older, more happier times. We need more parties, deathbashes (if anyone remembers those), and just more get-togethers in general. Music and the ongoing scene is a very important part of my life. It doesn’t take much to pick up an instrument, get a “cool” name, and call yourself a band—it’s much, much more than that. It takes time, honesty, and an eternity of dedication. I personally want to see old and new good bands play and get better and be with friends. That’s what keeps me going. And supporting the scene to me doesn’t mean supporting every band that comes along. It means support the bands you like and not what your friends like, MTV, or any other form of influence.

To wrap this all up, I’d just like to say let’s get it all back together! We all need each other! ■


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