Disposable Newsletter: January 4, 2013

Happy holidays and new year!

Since my last email announcing the blog format of the website, there’s been plenty of content added, like music reviews, new interviews with Antigama and Mind As Prison, an old-school Napalm Death interview, live photos of Nasum and Morbid Angel from MDF, links to the Discordance Axis book, news on the A389 Records Anniversary bash, and more.

New content is going up regularly, so please feel free to check out the latest posts at disposableunderground.com.

Disposable Underground covers many types of extreme music including grind, hardcore, metal, punk, industrial, noise, and rock. There’s also discussions on politics from the viewpoint of musicians and columnists.

All of the back issues of the ‘zine format are archived online and can be searched by issue or by band name. You can take a trip back in time at the click of a button! The live photo gallery full of exclusive shots dates back to 1990. Download any of the ‘zine back issues as a PDF at archive.disposableunderground.com.

Thanks for your interest,

Richard, editor
Disposable Underground



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