Deceased interview with Mark Adams and King Fowley: From the Vault

D.U. has covered Deceased a lot over the years, and below is a look back at perhaps the first time: an interview circa 1991 at one of the band’s shows. In it, guitarist Mark Adams and vocalist/drummer King Fowley talk about the band, a chat that originally appeared in Curious Goods ‘zine #4 in 1991.

Curious Goods: How long have you been doing Deceased?

Adams: Well, the lineup we have today has been around since April of ’88. We started taking ourselves seriously about the end of ’88, and from then on it was a bigger part of our lives and whatnot.

So what have record labels said about the newest demo, Nuclear Exorcist?

Adams: Right now, Roadracer Records is looking at us.

Fowley: Yeah, King Diamond and Annihilator [are on that label].

What if they called you up tomorrow and said, “Here’s some money. Cut a record and tour the country”?

Adams: A record would be no problem doing. A tour [no problem either] as long as we had good management. One of the things that holds us back is [the lack of a good manager]. You can’t get as much accomplished because you’re dividing up your time with the business and music end of it [when you’re self-managing].

Why do you always go to Inner Ear Studios to record your demos? Is it cheap?

Adams: That’s one of the reasons, but it’s a good atmosphere—

Fowley: It’s easy to work with, where you pretty much run the show. That’s why the tapes sound like shit!

Adams: It’s a friendly atmosphere and it makes you feel like you’re at home.

What should we do to get people to attend underground shows?

Fowley: Just keep pushing it!

Adams: The bands have got to get the crowd a lot more, y’know? If the bands aren’t too big and the people haven’t heard of them, they’re not going to come check them out. So the bands have to be real good at what they do. The shows have to be reasonably priced, because kids don’t want to pay a lot.

What are your thoughts on the underground band scene?

Adams: A band’s got to know how to invest their money more wisely and make it work, because too many bands are losing too much money and making too little money to be able to survive. There’s got to be a lot more money invested into promotion and things like that. More people have gotta find out that it’s out there and it’s actually something fun, y’know? And they gotta be able to afford it, or it’s not gonna be a scene. If the bands would work with each other a little more and the fans would work with them, it would help things grow. ■

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Photo: a Deceased gig circa 1991 (D.U.)


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