“Death by Metal” fanzine keeps print alive

“Sorry, I don’t accept digital promo packs. Don’t waste each other’s time by sending them. I will simply ignore them,” wrote Paul Sanchez in his Death by Metal fanzine.

Death by Metal is a print publication in a digital age. Print (and cut-and-paste layout) has been making a comeback in ‘zine culture as well as show flyer culture, but Sanchez hasn’t been big on new content. Instead, his last few issues are cut-and-paste, stapled fanzines containing his interview and music review leftovers from the 1990s.

Sanchez also lets his attitude be known in his fanzine, with comments like, “Into the digital age underground scene, where many metalhead ‘purists’/’elitists’ run amok on social media platforms from their parents’ basements.” Good stuff.

Sanchez kindly sent D.U. three issues of Death by Metal. They’re like death metal messages in a bottle, with dated print ads and music writings from the ’90s and layouts that at times would require pulling out the staples in order to read all of the print. There’s interviews with both deep underground and well-known bands from that music scene.

D.U. has been having fun digging through the issues. To get your hands on a copy of Death by Metal, send a letter to:
PO Box 1331, Plainview TX 79072
or email: paul.doomsday@gmail.com.


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  1. Richard,
    Thank you my friend for the review. I appreciate all your support even it was over 20 years. New issues yes brand new interviews and reviews for next 3 issues of DEATH BY METAL FANZINE in the works as well or LA MUERTE zine number 3… All limited pressings.

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