Corrupt Moral Altar “Eunoia” LP release: interview

We asked Corrupt Moral Altar if they’d describe their latest album, Eunoia, as a “crusty grind record with introspective and political lyrics.” Speaking over email, drummer Tom Dring replied, “We’ve never described [us] as grind particularly, although we’ve all been in grind bands in the past so it was always an underlying influence on our writing.” He said that Eunoia’s lyrics are introspective, and in the writing vocalist Chris Reese does for the band there’s always a hint of politics, “but this record took it out of him from an emotional perspective. It’s a much more personal record, for him at least.”

Eunoia is the topic of discussion here because 1) the band put the album up for “name your price” on Bandcamp a while back, and 2) they’re getting it pressed on vinyl for a March 9 release, the band announced on Facebook. That release is up for preorder now.

“We’ve decided to go the DIY route and self-release it, much to the dismay of our bank balances,” said Dring.

He does all the recording for the band in addition to playing on the records, and so he does admit to a concern about being too close to the material to be objective.

“I have definitely flown too close to the sun on occasion in regards to the production,” he said, revealing that for Eunoia he ended up mixing it three times in the search for perfection. “But in the end I had just had to take a step back and say fuck it, the earlier, rawer sounding mix is better!” When it comes to the music writing, he said, “I don’t find it hard to remain objective to the actual music, though. We don’t get too precious about binning off certain sections or sometimes whole songs.”

The band plans on doing some touring to promote the vinyl release, so watch out for that. In the meantime, keep up with these boys from Liverpool on the Corrupt Moral Altar Facebook page.



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