Complete Failure returns with “Crossburner”: interview

The grind boys from Pittsburgh have recorded 14 tracks for a new album, Crossburner, coming out CD and on Bandcamp on October 27, 2017. It’s up for pre-order at Season of Mist. As a bonus, if you pre-order the CD, the label will throw in a CD of the last Complete Failure record, The Art Gospel of Aggravated Assault.

We last interviewed the band about that latter record back in 2013. But singer Joe Mack spoke to us again over email about the new album.

Crossburner is far more angry than the others. More political. Dealing with things like terrorism, racism and religious persecution,” he said.

Joe and the rest of the band recorded their parts separately for the album. “I haven’t actually seen any of the other members in a long time. We all really don’t like each other too much anymore but still have a great deal of energy for writing and recording. Kind of works out.”

Two songs from the new album are up for streaming—listen below. One can hear a mix of doomy sections shifting to grindcore on both tracks.

“Fist First, Second to None”

“I Am the Gun”


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