Colin Marston is posting new music projects at a fast clip: interview

Producer and musician Colin Marston is in a fistful of bands we’ve written about and interviewed him about. We’ve been covering him at D.U. because of the high quality and variety of the music he plays. Now, we’re happy to have another chance to talk to the guy, because he’s taken the opportunity during the pandemic to write, record, and post more music than you can shake a stick at on his YouTube channel.

“I have been going crazy making records,” Marston told D.U. over email, explaining that they’re all either solo projects or remote collaborations.

“It’s been cool to do a lot of stuff with keyboards, noise, and playing drums on pads and keys. Just letting the limitation of not actually jamming with other people in person guide me into some different musical territory,” he said. “I’m trying to actually appreciate the compromised situation we’re all in.”

Marston said he’s on “full lockdown,” with no sessions at his recording and mastering studio, The Thousand Caves, and no band practices during the pandemic. (When a vaccine is distributed, his studio policy will be, “If you want to come to record, you get a vaccine first.”)

The projects he’s been releasing range from classical music to ones that are “totally stupid and fun. A really necessary thing during these hard and bizarre times.” His classical work is up at his Bandcamp page. He said, “Probably the most out-of-the-ordinary thing [the lockdown] led me to was the Symphony, a long classical piece that would take, like, 80 musicians, but I just played all the parts on keyboards and then edited and messed with the MIDI.”

D.U. doesn’t quite know what that last bit means, but we invite Colin Marston fans to dig in on Bandcamp and on YouTube, where he’s included recording credits, track lists, and links for each YouTube post. Have fun.

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Photo: courtesy Behold… The Arctopus


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  1. Howdy Does the CD of the Senders LP come with the Johnny Thunders’ tunes ? Thank you PS sorry to hear about Philippe He wrote a great memoir

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