Book roundup for Spring and Summer 2023

Spring has sprung, which is good news, and just as good is there’s another crop of music-related books for you to flip through as we head into Summer.

"Sunday Matinee" book cover

Sunday Matinee is a photo book by the actor Brooke Smith, who in the ’80s went to CBGB and hung out in the Lower East Side of New York and took tons of photos. You can order the book or get it with a flexi by the hardcore band Underdog. Pick it up from Radio Raheem Records.

"Punks DC" book cover

I’ve posted about Washington, DC punk photo books several times, which I’m happy to do. Punks DC is another 1980s photo collection from Bert Queiroz of Youth Brigade, et al., which started out as a ‘zine. Get it at Radio Raheem Records.

"Don't Stand In Line" book cover

Don’t Stand in Line: A Memoir covers Gerda Barker’s experiences at Wax Trax! Records, applying her lawyerly skills in the Chicago art and industrial music scene, her marriage to Paul Barker of Ministry, and more. The book is available on paperback and Kindle from Amazon.

Brian Slagel has come out with another book, Swing of the Blade: More Stories from Metal Blade Records. Kerry King of Slayer wrote a foreword. The label boss serves up more stories from his decades in the metal scene. Order it, naturally, from Metal Blade Records.

Akashic Books is putting out a book about Inner Ear Studios. Antonia Tricarico has put together an oral history of the studio along with lots of photos. Bonus: the author will be signing books at a D.C. event celebrating the legacy of Inner Ear.

The book is up for preorder on Kindle and hardcover at Amazon (among other places).

I’ve posted about books plenty of times here at the blog, and that includes several book roundups. Read all about them!

Photo: courtesy Gerda Barker


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