Book roundup for April 2024: check out what’s new

Here’s some of what’s new and not so new in the world of music book publishing.

The Mandrake Project comic cover

The Mandrake Project is a comic book series in its second issue and also a new solo album, both from Bruce Dickinson. The album is available in various formats and the comic will go through eight issues through 2025, available at comic stores and online from Z2 Comics.

Weird Music That Goes On Forever book cover

Weird Music That Goes on Forever: A Punk’s Guide to Loving Jazz by Bob Suren claims to answer questions such as, “Who was the Butthole Surfer of jazz?” It’s out now from Microcosm Publishing on paperback and ebook.

Revolution Calling book cover

Revolution Calling is a coming-of-age-in-the-‘80s novel from metalhead and journalist Ray Van Horn, Jr. It’s out in paperback and ebook from Raw Earth Ink.

Pushed Beyond All Reasonable Limits book cover

Pushed Beyond All Reasonable Limits: The Music Photography of Brian D. Garrity has got some awesome images and various writings, many from the alternative and grunge scenes but with a variety of bands and places, but some centering on Minneapolis. The book is out on hardcover from DiWulf Publishing. It looks great and I recommend it!

Saint Vitus Bar: The First Ten Years, An Oral and Visual History by Nathaniel Shannon is up for preorder. I’m a big fan of this classic NYC venue and am looking forward to the book coming out. A flip-through video is below.

Conversations With Women In Music Production book cover

Conversations with Women in Music Production by producer and engineer Kallie Marie covers what she “has witnessed first-hand” with “the opportunities and challenges that women in her chosen field face every day.” It’s out on Backbeat Books on paperback and ebook.

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Photo: Brian D. Garrity


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