Bandcamp donations to the ACLU


Bandcamp is donating 100% of its proceeds today, February 3, to the ACLU. They’ve released a statement from the CEO with more details, and included some Bandcamp links to groups from the seven countries from which President Trump has banned refugees. They added Mexico in acknowledgement of Trump’s promised border wall.

There’s a diversity of band links, including electronic noise (Wirephobia, Iraq), thrash metal (Dark Phantom, Iraq), punk (FZ-10, Mexico), and black metal (Akvan, Iran), among other styles.

A ton of music artists and labels have also pledged 100% of its donations, either to the ACLU or other organizations, and Bandcamp has conveniently listed them all. This includes some labels “in our orbit” like Epitaph, Kill Rock Stars, and Sub Pop Records.

Many more artists and labels are in the comments section of the above Bandcamp list announcing their donations.

Graphic: Bandcamp.


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