Autopsy interview – 1991

Autopsy artwork

Originally published in ‘zine issue #3, 1991

After two killer demos, two sensational albums, and a great EP, Autopsy, the band to end all bands, is preparing to unleash a new EP on Peaceville Records. My friend Chris Reifert, the drummer and vocalist for this amazing death metal band, was kind enough to do a mail interview with me.

D.U.: What’s news on the Fiend for Blood EP? Did Steve “session bassist” DiGiorgio play bass on it? When, roughly, will it be out?

Chris: Yep, Steve’s on it. It’s got six songs of violence, sickness, and perversity on it, and it should be out in January sometime for yer gramma to finger her pussy to.

Do you have any early tour info, in Europe or otherwise?

Nope, sure don’t. Boring answer, eh?

How did Josh Barohn come to be in Autopsy as bassist?

He called me and said he wanted to come out and give it a shot, and now he lives here and is a member of the band.

What happened with Suffocation that resulted in the band dismissing him?

I don’t know exactly what that was about, except I’m glad it happened, ‘cause it worked killer for us.

Photo of Autopsy

Will he try to approximate Ken Sorvari’s or Steve’s style on the older material, or will he interpret the bass lines of the older stuff in his own way?

He just plays the songs, new and old, however he wants, so long as it sounds good.

Do you support any pot-legalization groups, or do you not get into the politics?

No, we’re just smokers for now, but who knows what the future holds.

Do you see a time in the future where pot is legal?

As long as Republican pussies are in charge, life will be uptight and repressed ‘cause they’re afraid to have oral sex, ‘cause they’re in love. So kick ‘em in the can and smoke OB’s till ya foam at the mouth and fall over backwards, is what we say! They’re all chocolate speedway merchants who eat doody.

We’ve all heard about the censorship movement in Florida, what with the 2 Live Crew thing. Is there a prevalent attitude like that in California?

I don’t give a fuck, ‘cause it won’t affect us. We’re not gonna change anything for some tight-ass shitfucks who don’t want their stupid kids to know about the real world. Fuck ‘em and their brats too. Listen to The Mentors and eat my log!

There was a progression of music styles from Severed Survival to Mental Funeral. Will there be more of this on the next full-length album?

Same shit, new album. More fast, slow, heavy stuff to rot the innards and cause miscarriages worldwide. Don’t expect any drastic changes.

Have you considered investing in one of those head-harnessed mics, instead of the ones on the stands?

Maybe someday, but we’re completely poor, so we can’t even afford strings or sticks right now. Ain’t life a bitch?

Do you foresee any conflicts with your cover art on future releases, as with what happened with the original art for Severed Survival?

Actually, we had a choice on that one, so it’s not a big deal. The next cover is up in the air as of now, but it ain’t gonna be no Ed Repka piece of crap or anything like that.

Do you have any last comments to throw in?

I need a joint! Thanks, Richard. You rule! (Insert silly closing comment here.) ■

Photo and artwork: Autopsy (courtesy Chris Reifert)


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