In conversation with J.R. Hayes: Antigama, Evil Army, Sex Prisoner

While reviewing a pile of grindcore CDs in the last installment of his “Musical Darwinism” column, J.R. Hayes took us to school on three more bands he’s totally into:

Have you heard the new Antigama yet? Meteor? It’s awesome. It’s really good. I think it might be my favorite by them, actually. It’s just suuuper aggressive. And of course there’s like one or two oddball songs, ’cause it’s them. But yeah, it gets pretty nasty.

Evil Army
You know Hell’s Headbangers out of Ohio? I’ve really been liking a lot of stuff they’ve been putting out too. They’ve been doing a lot of more dirty underground death metal and thrash metal records, not like swanky, overproduced shit, but like dirty, nasty, fucked up—have you heard the Evil Army record? Oh man, Evil Army is the fuckin’ shit, dude. Oh man. They sound like a super, super primitive Kill ’Em All Metallica. Just like those raw James Hetfield kinda vocals, and just dirty, disgusting thrash riffs. They basically sound like a garage band that started playing thrash metal, you know what I mean?

And it’s just got a great raw quality to it that lacks in a lot of like modern productions. It’s so easy to make shit sound stale nowadays. Everybody wants to play to a click track and Pro Tools the shit out of everything, so it’s kinda nice that there’s people out there that are kinda geared up towards that raw quality.

Sex Prisoner
One of my favorite bands that’s out right now is a band from Tuscon called Sex Prisoner. Easily the best powerviolence band of the last five years. I might even go 10 years. But they’re just completely sick. They just recently got signed to A389 and they’ll be putting out a 12” on that label next year. … But their new 7” is just crushing, totally brutal, and sooo angry.

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