Sacridose “Anxiety Tremors” review

Seeing as these folks are from Tampa, FL, it might make sense that they have some death metal influence in the riffs. Maybe it’s even some (non-Florida) Incantation. But they also have a Rudimentary Peni cover on here, so they draw from other places also. Most of the 11 songsdon’t crack the 1-minute mark, and they feature a lot of changes. The songs might sound a bit complicated from how they pack their songs together more so than the riffs or beats or vocal patterns themselves. The band includes some tempo changes here and there so that they’re not just blasting the whole time, which is a good thing.

Sacridose won’t blow minds, but that’s OK. It’s a solid band with good ideas about the spice of grind. Buy Anxiety Tremors at the Bandcamp page.


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